AOI Vision Module

Key Features :

  • High resolution (25MP/16K) Industrial Camera and In-house R&D RGB Illumination.
  • Accuracy up to 10μm.
  • Image processing speed < 1sec, UPH4000.
  • Robust and reliable defects detection inspection algorithm and multi-tier color sorting capabilities at narrow grey steps difference.
  • Easy integration on production line or sorter.
  • User friendly GUI, conform to SEMI standard.
  • Real time data availability for further analysis
  • English/Chinese GUI interchangeable.

PERC Vision Cell Sorter

Key Features :

  • Vision only solar cell inspection and sorting equipment with options of the following modules:
    • Front view vision module (colour class, geometry, fingerprint interruption, edge break, chipping, pin hole, stain, scratches, paste stain, oxidization)
    • EL or PL vision module (micro-crack, broken finger, dark core, cloud, dark spot/snow spot, stain, scratches)
  • True colour line scan camera
  • EL or PL inspection module equipped with high resolution camera
  • Pick and place cell loading arm
  • Throughput up to 3,600 cells per hour
  • Both vision modules can be turned on at the same time or with either one of 2 inspection modules, depending on application requirements.
  • Optional compact version

IBC Solar Cell Sorter

Full-fledged inspection, testing and sorting with incorporation of the following :

  • 3D line scan for rear side inspection
  • Combination of colour line and area scan for front side inspection
  • PL for micro-crack and solder pads defects inspection
  • Infrared imaging for hot-spot measurement
  • Laser profilometerfor metal line profile measurement
  • Vision aligner for cell positioning and alignment for probing
  • I-V tester and advanced data analysis
  • Interleaf paper placement before cell sorting
  • Combination of belt and walking-beam conveyor for high speed and high stability cell transportation
  • Throughput up to 2,400 cells per hour
  • Capable of handling solar cells ranging from 5 inches to 6 inches.

HJT Solar Cell Sorter

Key Features :

  • Vision and testing inspection capabilities incorporating the following:
    • Front vision inspection module
    • Rear vision inspection module
    • EL vision inspection
    • I-V tester
    • Vision aligner for cell positioning
  • Option to link 1 or 2 separate co-firing furnaces to 1 sorter
  • 24 sorting bins and expandable
  • Vacuum conveyor for stable and fast transportation.
  • Throughput up to 3,200 cells per hour